Lisa M. Moreno, Principal

Mavis D. Brown, Assistant Principal
Mark Simmons, Assistant Principal

 Location: 11140 S. Bishop  Chicago, IL 60643 Office: 773-535-2715   Fax: 773-535-2714


Vision and Mission
Student Pledge

"We Celebrate Black History Month Every MONTH!" (Ms.Russell)



























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School Profile  

Unit Number 5930
Region 6
Area 18
Principal Lisa M. Moreno
Asst. Principal
Grades Preschool - 8th
Location Morgan Park Community (I-57 and 112th St.)
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The students attending Shoop Academy will be prepared for the 21st century through intense learning programs and highly qualified teachers.

Shoop aspires to be a school that parents desire to send their children to because of its excellent educational programs and its safe environment.

Children beginning at age three are serviced through the State Pre-Kindergarten program. Five year olds benefit from a full day Kindergarten program. Grades Kindergarten through Third will benefit from reduced class sizes to provide a lower teacher/student ratio. This will allow teachers a better chance to meet the needs of each individual child.

Parents participate in workshops and in-services that offer assistance in parenting skills, computer training, and G.E.D. training. A restructured school day allows time for teacher collaboration once a month. Teachers utilize computer technology and award winning software programs to facilitate teaching and to manage their classrooms.

Shoop students will have advantages that will lead them to become well educated, successful members of our society. Our State Pre-Kindergarten program offers children from three to four years of age opportunities to engage in a program enriched with early literacy, social development, and hands on math, science, and technology. We have specialized teachers who can identify and service students with special needs. We provide enrichment programs that prepare our students for success in grades third through eighth. We also supply our teachers with opportunities to keep abreast of the current progress in education.


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